The Rams and Buccaneers will shock everyone in the wild card round, and the Cowboys and Packers will play a battle.

The Rams and Buccaneers will shock everyone in the wild card round, and the Cowboys and Packers will play a battle.

Last week, my NFL picks went 10-6 straight up and 11-5 against the spread. I’m all fired up, such as the Buffalo Bills after a win.

My ATS score is now 134-127-11, which is a lot better than 500. My record in straight games is 168–104.

The season has proved very exciting, and I think the playoffs will do the same. That makes it hard to choose games. Anything could happen. This week I’m into dogs, so let’s hope that plan keeps it going.

Even though the normal season lasts for 18 weeks and is always fun to watch, the real fun starts when the NFL Playoffs start.

As it turns out, 14 teams are now competing over the next few weeks to see who will win the Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas.

The race starts, of course, in Super Wild Card Weekend. By Monday night, eight people will be left in the field of 14. And while the first round of the NFL playoffs has some very interesting games in both conferences, we will be focusing on the NFC.

The 49ers have the week off because they are the top seed in their conference. Next weekend, they will play the lowest seed in the division round at Levi’s Stadium.

You could say that anything may occur at any of these games, but there have been so many surprises in the past few months and this season in general, that would be an underestimate.

Even though it’s been hard to pick winners occasionally, we’re still going to give it a shot. That’s why we’ve asked our NFL team here during GIVEMESPORT to pick the winners of all three NFC games this Super Wild Card Weekend.

Their average age is just 25.6 years old, making them the youngest group to make playoffs since the Bills in 1974. That shows how good they are, but it also shows how little experience they have in the playoffs.

In the last 30 years, the Cowboys have had a hard time making it to the NFC Championship, but they’ve won the NFC Wild Card Round four times in a row.

The Packers, led by Jordan Love, are “just happy to be here” like the Texans. Mike McCarthy, the head coach of the Cowboys, coached Green Bay over over a decade and will also know a thing or two.

It is well known that Dallas is better at home than on the road, even when everything else is similar. This year, the Packers won’t be the first team to beat them at home Jerry World.

Green Bay was meant to be rebuilding this year, but Jordan Love is developing faster than anyone thought he would. This game will stay close thanks to the young and skilled Packers receivers.

At times, Dallas has looked like the NFL’s best team, but at other times, they’ve been soft against some teams.

They are still a better team, though, and that may be adequate to get them through the current phase of the playoffs.

It’s all Matt LaFleur’s fault that the Packers made the playoffs in a year most people thought would turn out to be a rebuilding year.

However, this is “one and done” for Green Bay because Dallas has too much talent on both sides when it comes to the ball.

There was no way Jordan Love could have played against the Dallas defense. The Packers would have a better chance if they had a better running game. In short, though, they don’t.

Green Bay’s defense gave up the ninth-fewest receiving yards in the entire NFL this year, which is good news. Still, they won’t be able to stop Dak Prescott from going off. He’s a strong candidate to win NFL MVP.

I would have said the same thing if the game had been at Lambeau Field. The Cowboys will not only win this game, but it will also be the biggest rout of Big 12 Weekend.