The Rafa Nadal Academy gets bigger with 10 other tracks

With the aim of continuing to underpin its international prestige and to be able to offer players around the world a service tailored to their needs, the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar continues its expansion works in Manacor.

The expansion of the Academy will allow to meet the enormous demand of players and fans who come to its facilities every year. With this objective, the construction of a multipurpose pavilion that It will house 3 covered tracks with a fast surface and 7 semi-covered clay courts. The new pavilion will also have spaces for physical preparation, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and sports medicine that will allow offering a comprehensive service to players. Own Rafael Nadal He stressed that this expansion will make it possible to offer an optimal service to players on days when adverse weather conditions make it difficult to play tennis:

“With this expansion we seek to get closer to what an international reference sports center needs. The expansion means a lot to the players because In Mallorca there are some rainy days and sometimes they cannot train in the conditions they deserve. With this expansion of indoor tracks I think we are making a very important leap in quality since the service we are going to give to young people and adults is going to be even better than what we can offer now. It will also help us to have even more events that may be important to the entire Community. I am happy because people from all over the world who come regularly will be able to enjoy better facilities and because this will allow us to give a better service to all the fans of Manacor and all of Mallorca. I believe that Now we can say that we are on the way to being a center of reference worldwide “, Rafa himself has stated.

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New expansion of the Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor.

After the expansion, the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar and Es Center will have world-class sports infrastructures for use by both the international public and those from Mallorca. After its expansion, planned for this same 2020, The complex will have the following facilities:

– 19 outdoor fast surface tracks

– 15 outdoor clay courts (7 of them will be built in 2021)

– 4 hard surface covered tracks

– 7 semi-clay courts

– 1 soccer field

– 7 outdoor paddle tennis courts

– 6 indoor paddle tennis courts (Paddle Manacor)

– 1 Padbol court (Pádel Manacor)

– 2 squash courts

– 1 semi-Olympic pool

– 1 outdoor pool

– Fitness Center

– Spa