The quickers of ‘Not even that we were’ are born: the chuminero challenge to Lydia Lozano and that meeting at Mediaset

A powder keg, the debate table It’s not like we were Shhh. In this mega premiere on the Quickie channel, the quickers: the fans of the program Belén Esteban, María Patiño, Lydia Lozano, Kiko Matamoros, Chelo García Cortés and Víctor Sandoval. Through YouTube, “there are 500 comments per second,” he said Escaleto, great character also legacy of Save me. “It’s super ful“, he concluded.

Of all the requests of the fans-quickers, the one that sweeps away is directed at Lydia. Let the chuminero dance. Something that the journalist has ruled out due to her operation and injuries. “I can move a little… I broke a rib dancing. I also broke a vertebra and I’ve had a very bad back operation.” Wow, he doesn’t dance. She also didn’t want to show her injuries because “her ass” can be seen, she said, all indignant.

“I am one of the few people in Spain who has just seen your angry ass,” Escaleto commented. Back to the quickers and streamers, Belén has already made it more than clear that she doesn’t know what that is.

¿The Mediaset?

Then the time has come to talk about money. In back of It’s not like we were Shhh there is no communication giant. For this reason, Escaleto has urged fans to subscribe to Twitch and pay a subscription. “We are going to throw you different challenges with the people of Twitch.” Yes, but what challenges. The first is the following: “If between now and the end of the program we reach 200 new paying subscribers on the platform, tomorrow we will start at Mediaset’s door”, Escaleto has stressed. The reactions have been multiple. From Patiño and his “that is putting us in a very complicated situation” to Esteban, who has spoken of “provocation.” “They have taken our word away!” In favor, Matamoros: “But what problem do we have, if we are going to be on the street?”