The prisoners of Koh Samui speak: “Daniel Sancho is very bad, he does not stop crying”

New contradictions arrive from Thailand. After Big Joke ‘trolled’ the media, assuring that Daniel Sancho had never been in the Koh Samui prison but in Surat Thani, now it is the director of the former who is in evidence. The reason? Watcharapong Boonsaior He has stated almost daily that the chef’s state of mind “is good” but the rest of the prisoners contradict him: “Is very bad”.

There are two, specifically, and they have spoken for Antena 3 this Thursday. They claim to have seen Daniel from the first moment he entered Koh Samui: “The first two days he did not stop crying”they affirm. “It was very bad and continues to be very bad”They have said.

His statements not only contradict Boonsaior, but also Vicente Cacho, who assured that “Daniel has not cried yet.” And although it might seem like trivial data, it is not for forensic psychiatrists, since coldness is a trait of psychopathy and both the defense and the prosecution could use it at trial. This does not seem to be the case: Daniel has cried and continues to cry for the future that awaits him in Thailand after pleading guilty to killing and dismembering the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. In fact, he suffered an anxiety crisis during his first meeting with his mother: “He started crying and couldn’t stop, to the point that the authorities ended the meeting early and took him away to calm him down,” said Nacho Abad. .

Rodolfo Sancho’s son has begged his parents to do everything possible to bring him to Spain to serve his sentence, a feat that is practically impossible in the short term: even if they manage to commute the death sentence to life imprisonment, he will have to serve a third of the sentence. sentence (8 years) in a Thai jail. According to Boonsaior, he is isolated in the infirmary area, where he shares a cell with four other inmates and sleeps on a mat on the floor. He practices yoga and light sports and reads books. In addition, he has improved his diet thanks to the money that his mother deposited in prison and that allows him to buy food from abroad.