The princes of Belgium go to the polls for the first time on a day full of incidents: 40 minutes in line and problems with ID

The European elections were held from June 6 to 9, an event that occurs every five years and in which all citizens of the European Union participate. On this occasion, voters elect the deputies who will make up the European Parliament. This Sunday, the four princes of Belgium (Elisabeth, Eleonore, Gabriel and Emmanuel) have voted for the first time. In Belgium, voting is mandatory from the age of 18 and optional from the age of 16, which explains the participation of the four brothers.

The children of Philip and Matilda of Belgium went alone to the polling station, located in a sports center near the Laeken palace. Upon arrival, the four princes queued for 40 minutes on the street along with the rest of the citizens. This delay has been caused by technical problems in around thirty computers of the table presidents in Brussels and Flanders.

When they have managed to exercise their right to vote, Elisabeth, the eldest daughter of the kings and the heir to the throne, has forgotten to pick up her identity card when she finishes voting. Immediately, a police officer picked it up and looked for the princess to return it to her.

This Sunday was the first time at the polls for the princes of Belgium. In the last call, which was in 2019, the only one who could vote was the heir to the throne. However, the royal family thought she was still too young to exercise her right to vote.