The price of not reaching eighths

Reaching the eighth and more advanced rounds of the Copa del Rey not only does it suppose a bit of prestige for beating certain rivals, it also there is an economic incentive pfor professional clubs. Royal Decree Law 5/2015 includes the criteria for carrying out the centralized sale of television rights of football. And with respect to those achieved by the KO tournament there is an important part that is distributed according to the round reached in recent years, being like the first one that is taken into account that of the eighth. That is to say, not reaching that round one season, as is the case with Madrid and Atlético, means that they have lower income for at least five years.

According Iusport, the RFEF will charge this season for the sale of the television rights of the Cup 32,928,493 euros. Almost 33 million. According to what is established in the Decree Law, 10% will go to the RFEF and non-professional football and the remaining 90% for the distribution between First and Second clubs. That is, some 29,635,643.7 million to be distributed among the 42 LaLiga Santander and SmartBank clubs. Of course, the money is not distributed equally between both categories. Those of First take 90% (26,672,079.33 euros) and Second 10% (almost 3 million).

Now, regarding the First Division. Of the money destined for said category, half will be shared equally between all the clubs. That is, 13,336,039.7 euros among the 20 clubs: 666,801,985 for each. More than half a million per team. For the remaining 50%, the RDL says the following: “Only entities that compete in the round of 16 of the competition during the last five seasons will be taken into consideration, with the following weighting: Champion 22%; Runner-up, 16%; Semifinalists, 9%, Quarterfinals, 6%, Eighth Finals, 2.5% “. Let's say that the other 13 million are distributed based on what has been done for each of the last five seasons, each campaign distributing 2,667,207.94 euros.

Following the steps of the Royal Decree Law, the champion of each season would take just over half a million as a prize (586,785 euros). What for five years it would be a minimum of 2.9 million. In the case dthe one that only reaches the eighths, would take 66,680 euros (333,401 in five years). This is the case of Madrid and Atlético, which have not reached that round this season, although they will enter the fixed of 666,801 euros plus the variables of the rounds that have reached the past four seasons. The Madrid, for example, and according to estimates made by ACE from the RDL and the information of Iusport that this year's TV rights are almost 33 million, He would enter variables 720,146.15 euros for his three times that he reached quarters (160,032) and once to semis (240,048).

35,000 euros for the Alcoyonazo

While the professional clubs (those of First and Second) receive the money from the televisions through what is dictated by the Royal Decree, those of modest soccer (Second B and Third) receive it as stipulated in the RFEF program 'Impulse 23'. For every phase that passes a Second B team, i35,000 euros are raised. Of course, the teams of this category that acted as visitors in the first round, in said tie received 45,000 euros.

Thus, Navalcarnero and Alcoyano, which are the only Second B clubs classified for the second round, They have accumulated in income for passing the round 140,000 euros. 35,000 for each round passed. And if they repeat the heroics and qualify for fourths, they will add 175,000.