The presence of the public in Anoeta is in danger due to the pandemic

The critical moment that haunts Gipuzkoa in terms of coronavirus infections threatens to take away the initiative to bring public to Anoeta. The day indicated for a sector of the fans to return to the stands was next Thursday, 29, on the occasion of the visit of Naples in the Europa League. The second wave of the pandemic, however, is hitting the territory with force, thus endangering the presence of player number 12 in the Real stadium. Not surprisingly, it was subject to the evolution of positives.

La Real and the Basque Government shared pessimism late yesterday, according to sources consulted by MD. The club that presides Jokin
Aperribay maintains permanent contacts with the Ministry of Health, the department that sets the guidelines in Euskadi. La Real will strictly follow all the indications that come from the Executive. In this regard, the intervention of the Higher Sports Council loses relevance in the final decision. More important is the fact that the health crisis has been worsening in Gipuzkoa in recent days.

Almost 35% of the province is currently within the red zone due to the coronavirus. Twenty localities suffer the highest incidence rate, with more than 500 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants. It is the historical territory that, due to the distribution of its population, is most affected by the violent wave of the virus. The inhabitants of Gipuzkoa are more dispersed on the map than those of Bizkaia or Araba. An extreme that makes it difficult to contain the transmission.

La Real and the Basque Government know that the hypothetical access to Anoeta in the match against Naples would be from spectators from the province, not only from its capital, Donostia. Between 45 and 50% of the members of the Real are distributed throughout the province. A high digit and a dangerous scenario.

The new order of the Basque Government puts 600 seats available in Anoeta to see Real against Naples. A reduction of 400 compared to the first initiative, driven by UEFA's permission to put 30% of the capacity in the stadium. La Real, despite the pessimism, keeps the registration period open. Club members have until tomorrow, Sunday, at 11:59 p.m., to formulate their request through the website. The winners will be assigned “by strict order of registration”, means the Real in its official version.