The Premier sweeps revenue from sponsorship of its shirts

The Premier League sweeps. The English League leads the classification of operating income from the front of their club jerseys totaling € 344 million earned per season. His closest pursuer, the Bundesliga, receives about 185. The league appears in third position, with about 178 million euros paid in by all of their clubs each campaign, according to the latest report from GlobalData, an expert platform in data analysis and market value. The fourth and fifth positions are occupied by the French and Italian League, thus completing the top-five of those known as the 'big five'.

But if there is a difference between first and second, there is still more between these five competitions and the rest of the 15 analyzed. Premier, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Ligue 1 and Serie A obtain more than 960 million euros for the frontal advertising of the jerseys of their clubs. The next ten (the leagues of Portugal, Russia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, Scotland, Austria, Ukraine, Denmark and the Czech Republic), just 240 million.

Income of the European Leagues through the frontal sponsorship of the shirts of their clubs.

This analysis, titled 2020-21 T-Shirt Front Sponsorship Report, puts on the table the leadership of the Premier League in football worldwide. Already this year, the consulting firm Deloitte published the ranking of 20 soccer clubs with the highest turnover, which also dominated the English competition with the appearance of eight of their teams (Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham and Everton) and a total of 3,292 million euros invoiced. Real Madrid and Barcelona occupied the first and second positions, with Atlético thirteenth, but between the three they were quite far from the combined figure of the British, with 1965'7 million.

Clubs with the most revenue 2020

Barcelona 840'8
Real Madrid 757'3
Manchester United 711'5
Bayern Munich 660'1
Paris Saint-Germain 635'9
Manchester City 610'6
Liverpool 604'7
Tottenham 521'1
Chelsea 513'1
Juventus 459'7
Arsenal 445'6
Borussia Dortmund 377'1
Atlético de Madrid 367'6
Inter de Milan 364'6
Schalke 04 324'8
AS Roma 231
Olympique de Lyon 220'8
West Ham 216'4
Everton 213
Naples 207'4

“Thanks to the way the Premier League has built its presence abroad, their teams can earn significant brand revenue from around the world, “explains Conrad Wiacek, Head of Sports Analysis at GlobalData. And it is that large companies see in the English League the perfect vehicle to use your marketing capital and it causes many brands that do not even have a presence in the UK to reach sponsorship agreements with clubs there.

However, Wiacek recognizes that LaLiga has the two most popular clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, highlighting the white club's contract with Emirates: “It is the most expensive in Europe, valued at more than 68'8 million dollars.” Still, delve into the reasons why England beats the Spanish League. “The greatest competitiveness of the Premier has always been its great strength … And that is what may be lacking in the Spanish First Division,” he analyzes.

Main sponsors of the Premier clubs

The foreign investment in the frontal advertising of the Premier League shirts is seen when reviewing the sponsors of each team that, by sector, They are divided into 40% betting companies, 15% motoring, 10% banks, another 10% travel, and 5% insurance, retail, telecommunications and services (boilers) each.

Single five of the 18 front sponsors of Premier clubs are British. The rest are foreigners, having a strong presence those from Asian origin (seven), North American (two), Emirates (two), Australian (one) and Isle of Man – a British Crown dependency that is not part of the United Kingdom – (one). The average value of these club contracts is 17 million euros per season. That of the Bundesliga, of 9 million, and that of LaLiga, something more than 8.

How the economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic will affect sponsorship income remains to be seen: “The impact of COVID-19 has not yet been proven.” What is clear is that the English League has a lot of advantage. “The Premier has become a marketing giant “, concludes Conrad Wiacek.