The Premier extends its suspension: it will not be played until April 30

The Premier League will not be played until at least April 30. That is the date that the English football bodies are set for the competition to return to action. At first, the competition had stopped until April 4, but the advance of the coronavirus has made the English authorities have decided to extend the postponement of the Premier.

This has been announced through an official statement:

The FA, Premier League, EFL, and women's professional game, along with the PFA and LMA, understand that we are in unprecedented times and that our thoughts are with all those affected by COVID-19.

We are united in our commitment to find ways to resume the 2019/20 football season and ensure that all national and European club cup and league matches are played as soon as it is safe and possible to do so.

We have collectively supported UEFA in postponing EURO 2020 to create space on the calendar to ensure that league and cup matches for national and European clubs have a better chance of being played and by doing so maintain the integrity of each competition.

The FA Rules and Regulations state that “the season will end no later than June 1” and “each competition, within the limit set by the FA, will determine the length of its own playing season.”

However, the FA Board has agreed that this limit be extended indefinitely for the 2019/20 season in relation to professional soccer.

Furthermore, we have collectively agreed that professional play in England will be further postponed until April 30.

The progress of COVID-19 remains unclear and we can assure everyone that the health and well-being of players, staff and supporters is our priority. We will continue to follow government advice and work collaboratively to keep the situation under review and explore all available options to find ways to resume the season when conditions allow.

We would all like to re-emphasize that our thoughts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19.