The Premier controls that players do not spit during training

The Premier League is taking all the protocol very seriously in order to resume the competition on June 17 and thoroughly controls that each team respects the sanitary rules to prevent anyone from skipping them and exposing themselves to a contagion that would destroy the options of finishing the season.

As the Mirror reports, the Premier has sent inspectors to the training camps of each team to check that the health and safety protocols against Covid-19 are being respected. They supervise the training sessions, but one thing is especially worrying: the spitting of the players.

From the bosses, the clubs were warned to try to repress their footballers when throwing a spit, an almost automatic habit for many of them.

At the moment there are no penalties in this regard, but the Premier monitors all progress and tries to minimize all risks so as not to endanger the footballers and the expected return of the competition.

Several doctors warn that saliva is a transmission mechanism of the virus, so it tries to limit that players can become infected because of it.