“The play of Bigas' goal is very difficult to measure”

Andoni Azkargorta He declared after having tied yesterday in Getafe that “the feelings have been very good. The team has been at a great level facing a great rival. We have lived up to it and there have been moments that have even been better. We wanted the ball to be more in their field than ours and I think we have succeeded. “

Of course, J's assistant technicianI dared Luis Mendilibar He also had time to give his opinion on the play in which the VAR annulled a goal to his own. “The play of the goal of Bigas, I have seen the image and the line and the truth is that it is very difficult to measure, “he said. The truth is that the second coach of Eibar understands “that technology does not give us to know when the impact of the ball is and when it is the moment in which the player enters. I think it takes just two minutes ”to analyze something like this. “I understand that the VAR revises a play of 50 centimeters, but speaking of millimeters and not knowing when the ball is hitting it seems very difficult to me,” he ended by saying Azkargorta.