Months of rumors have finally been confirmed. Almudena Cid she is in love again and yes, it is true, she seems to have forgotten the pain of separation from her ex-husband, Christian Galvezin the arms of his new love, the ex-soccer player Gerardo Berodia. Last summer rumors of the romance between the two arose, which has now been confirmed with the publication of some photos in which the former gymnast and the sports representative walk and hug each other, hold hands and are affectionate and happy together.

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Almudena appears happy and excited in some photographs taken during a walk through the streets of Madrid, holding hands with Gerardo, who constantly cooed and showed his girl affection. The publication of the magazine Ten minutes It leaves no doubt that the relationship between the two is more than consolidated.

The actress was happy during the whole time that the walk lasted. The moments that Gerardo did not hug, caress her hair or give hugs to her girlfriend, he took advantage of them to take her mobile phone out of her and photograph her smiling.

Walking a friend’s baby

Cid and the former Jorge Wilstermann player from Bolivia walked until they reached a mutual friend’s house to visit her baby, which they both had a great time when they took him out for a walk. Almudena took the little one in her arms while Gerardo “pulled” the little one’s cart.

Christian Gálvez’s ex was in charge of the baby at all times. The actress has always recognized that she is very nanny and has stated a few months ago that she wants to be a mother as soon as possible: “I do not rule out motherhood in the future, although many thought otherwise. It is something that I have always had in mind. I would like to, yes, whenever the moment and the person arrives”.

The walk, the smile on her face, the cuddling and the complicity with Gerardo confirm that the ex-Olympian has overcome the duel after the break with Christian. This November marks one year of the separation of what was one of the most stable marriages on the Spanish television scene, after eleven years of union.

Just three months later, the former driver of Pass word He was already showing himself with his new love, the presenter of AR Patricia Pardo, which was a hard blow for his ex-wife. A month ago, Almudena recognized that the breakup was a painful process: “I have had a bad time… for me it has been as if a bomb had fallen on my life.”

The writer assured that she had already forgiven her ex-husband for breaking up their marriage, and that she was considering going to live in Vitoria, in a little house with a fireplace. Will Gerardo be included in those bucolic plans?