the photos of your dinner in Madrid

Last June 4 was the most painful day in the life of Begoña Villacís: her little brother was murdered after being shot several times in broad daylight in Madrid. Three weeks later and after several posts in which she fired Borja, the former vice mayor of the capital has been seen at dinner with Albert Rivera, her former party partner. The Ciudadanos takes refuge in her family and friends to cope with her loss.

Albert Rivera maintains a close friendship that not even the political debacle of the party could break. Last year, they shared a few days off with more friends – among whom were the Catalan actress Aysha Daraaui or Macarena Gómez and her husband, Aldo Comas – in Ibiza. Meetings of this type are common between them, but as they have shown in moments like this, they are not only there in the good times, but also in the bad. The dinner took place on June 12 – eight days after the shooting – but it was announced on June 25.

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The death of Borja Villacís

“Every time someone asked me how I faced some adversity, I answered calmly that life had not yet touched me. Until last Tuesday, on Tuesday life finally touched me, it crossed me. Five days and it is still just as unreal “, wrote the politician a few days after the family tragedy. “I haven’t wanted to read a single piece of news, the people who love me tell me not to do it, that it won’t do me any good.”. “Perhaps you understand now why I feel such an intense and visceral aversion to extremes, it comes from afar,” he added. His brother was linked to the Real Madrid radical group Ultras Sur since his university days. He recently attended the funeral of a member of the band.

20 years ago he was arrested accused of brutally attacking a young man. He and others arrested were sentenced to six months in prison. And now, in 2024, he was accused in a case of drug trafficking and large-scale money laundering in the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court (supposedly for a cocaine theft in Valencia).