The photos of Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva in a fertility clinic: the hormonal treatment to get ‘pregnant’

With a very normal ponytail, a basic striped t-shirt and black cotton leggings, Tamara Falcó clung to her shopping bag. She was at the doors of the Fertilitas fertility clinic, in Madrid, where she undergoes a new naprotechnology treatment to get pregnant. Next to her was her husband, Iñigo Onieva. She publishes it in the magazine Ten minutes.

Having a baby has become a priority for the Marchioness of Griñón and her husband. For Tamara, who turns 42 on November 20, this would be her first pregnancy. Onieva is 34.

They celebrated and monetized their wedding on July 8. They made her the most media link of the year. Then came the eternal honeymoon and now they resume the pregnancy plans, which they themselves confirmed before getting married. Tamara and Iñigo continue their treatment and together they have been seen at the doors of the Madrid headquarters of the Fertilitas clinic, whose motto is Being parents, naturally. It consists of a natural treatment, naprotechnology, custom-designed based on studies to hormonally supplement a woman’s ovulation cycle, as detailed in the magazine.