The perfect tale of Anna Castillo and Álvaro Mel: their summer love in real life

The actors, who star in the great hit of the summer on Netflix, are a couple in real life. The chemistry between Anna Castillo y Alvaro Mel It has crossed the screen and they are already walking through the center of Madrid between cuddling. At 29 and 26 years old respectively, they do not hide or have a reason, although their courtship has turned social networks upside down: “How are they together? I’m crazy.”

The reason is none other than the last couple of Anna del Castillo: the photographer Lara Blanco. They proclaimed their love to the four winds and proudly posed at premieres and fancy parties: “I am bisexual and I discovered my bisexuality when I was older. So, for example, I don’t know what it is like to grow up as an LGTBI collective and it is not a cause that I can lead, it’s not up to me. But in everything that has to do with making visible and normalizing, I am fully committed,” said the actress on one occasion.

After five years together, they ended their relationship last January. Many have been surprised that the protagonist of The call now go out with a man but Anna, declared bisexual, is in love with love and does not understand gender: “I attach great importance to sentimental relationships. I have always had a partner, it is one of the great engines of my life, where I put a lot of focus, a lot of happiness and a lot of insecurity,” he said a few months ago.

For his part, Álvaro Mel has had two important relationships: with the influencer Lucía Leguina (from 2016 to 2017) and with Instagrammer Raquel Yañezbetter known on the networks as Raquel Reitx, with whom she ended in 2019. Later, the discretion by flag.

From fiction to reality

Anna and Álvaro star in one of the summer hits on the Netflix payment platform. It’s about the miniseries a perfect talea novel adapted by Elisabeth Benavent that tells the love story between a privileged young woman and a middle-class waiter who decide to run away from problems and enjoy life on the idyllic Greek island of Santorini.

What united Greece has not been able to separate Madrid. According to the magazine Hola, they walk caramelized through the capital. Of course, we will have to wait to see if theirs is a summer love or they manage to consolidate the relationship when they resume their respective and complicated professional agendas.