The passionate kiss of Frederick X and Mary after becoming kings of Denmark

Frederick X is now the new king of Denmark. In a ceremony, where every detail was programmed to the millimeter, the new kings of the Nordic country starred in a movie kiss on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace before the crowd of Danish people.

The snapshot comes after rumors of a crisis between Federico and Mary after the controversial photographs of the new monarch with Genoveva Casanova walking through the center of the capital.

Despite this 'unforeseen', the ceremony has been marked by austerity and solemnity without the presence of the church. Something that happened with the English monarch, who was crowned before the Archbishop of Canterbury. On this occasion, from the Danish capital, the ceremony was marked by the prominence of three women: Margarita, the outgoing emeritus; Queen Mary and the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

Mary and Margarita's looks

For her proclamation as queen, Mary Donaldson has chosen an elegant white dress from the Danish brand Soeren Le Schmidt. Likewise, to complete the lookthe Australian lawyer has chosen earrings with pink details, which match the hair decoration.

Margaret II of Denmark, to end her 52-year reign, has chosen a traditional burgundy jacket and midi skirt suit. Likewise, the outgoing queen has added to her outfit a fur coat and ruby ​​and diamond earrings.