The Pantojas’ nanny, Dulce Delapiedra, 56, ruined and sunk: “My economic situation has already killed me”

Chronic depression and serious financial problems. Dulce Delapiedra’s life is the opposite of that character we saw on Telecinco’s plates. “I have taken pills to stop living… I wanted to sleep and not wake up”he declared in a heartbreaking interview with Lecturas magazine.

Just a month ago, Telecinco, through its website, remembered the tender nanny, who became a star on the network when she signed on Survivors in 2016. They took a look at her Instagram, where Dulce shared photos and declared herself a “survivor of life.”

However, what the networks show is only the surface. In her interview, Dulce utters very harsh words: “I wanted to sleep and not wake up. That’s the way I want to go. I don’t regret (taking pills) and I would like to have more courage.”. It is the very harsh testimony of Dulce, who was Isa Pantoja’s nanny. “I’m on my last legs. Today I would go with my mother (she died when she was a child),” the magazine publishes.

“I have no desire to live. I have had chronic depression since 2005, since Marbella, and I am undergoing treatment (…) My financial situation has already killed me“continues Dulce, who assures what her life is like now: “I have been receiving a subsidy for unemployed people over 52 for a year. It is 480 euros. I can’t even afford to pay the 730 rent.” And he adds: “I live in 30 square meters.”

She defines herself as “a jerk.” She took her five nephews to Eurodisney after Survivor. She receives help, but it is not Isa Pantoja. Although she does recognize that when she asked, the singer’s daughter helped her out.

Dulce faces a payment from the Treasury of 16,000 euros after having settled her debt of 60,000 euros, “what she had to live on.” “Don’t you see that I had never had to pay the Treasury, that I earned very little?” She vents and remembers the 30 years that she worked in Isabel Pantoja’s house. “I earned very little, 30,000 pesetas. And when they wanted it, it was from the family and when they wanted it, it wasn’t.”