The pain of Noela Aguirre, Daniel Sancho’s grandmother: “I miss my favorite grandson”

In addition to his parents, there is another person who is suffering a lot from the situation of daniel sancho. It’s about his grandmother Noela Aguirre, to which the young chef was very attached. Both have even lived together in her apartment in Madrid.

After the outbreak of the case at the beginning of August, Rodolfo Sancho and his brothers tried in every way that Noela did not find out that Daniel was in a prison in Thailand accused of murdering the surgeon Edwin Arrieta.

But it’s been a while and the widow of Sancho Grace You are already aware of everything. In fact, her own grandson put her on the list of people approved so that they can visit him in the Koh Samui prison while she awaits trial. All this is taking its toll on Noela. “She wants to get in touch with her favorite grandson, she misses him,” she has assured from Fiesta.

This Sunday, Rodolfo has already landed in Thailand to see his son. The actor has taken more than a month to travel to the Southeast Asian country for economic reasons. The legal process is very expensive and from Telecinco they pointed out that he has had to reach an agreement with a bank to be able to meet all the expenses. It is estimated that he will need more than 130,000 euros to cover everything that implies.