The other viral video of Doña Letizia in Córdoba: she also reigns on Tik Tok

The video of the spontaneous lady in Córdoba celebrating the arrival of the queen letizia It has generated a wave of reactions and has even occupied the news rundown. “I love her very much. And her husband and her daughters. And the rest, fuck off,” exclaimed the citizen. However, this is not the only video that she is giving something to talk about on social networks.

Felipe VI’s wife, who attended an act of the Princess of Girona Foundation this Thursday, spoke with a group of young people at the Gran Teatro in the Cordovan capital. The girls had some questions prepared for her and the consort realized that they were recording her with the phone. Very nice, she said: “All the time you record me … Hello, hello, hello …”, she exclaimed, while she waved her hand and a big smile. The young women, surprised by the queen’s good gesture, later shared the video on Tik Tok. On Twitter it has been commented on by netizens.

As we said, Doña Letizia’s visit to Córdoba on the occasion of the Talent Tour of the Princess of Girona Foundation went a long way. She reacted very spontaneously to both situations, to the curious praise from the lady and to the recording of the young women. Moments like this are striking, since only rarely do we see kings and their daughters step outside the lines established by the protocol. For this act, the mother of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía opted for Andalusian fashion.