The other ‘torture’ of Gerard Piqué: he loses 24 million euros

Not only the songs of Shakira against him and his family resonate in his head. Also certain economic movements that have not been entirely satisfactory. So much so that one of his companies has suffered losses close to 24 million euros.

Kerad Holding, the parent company of the Kosmos group, closed the 2022 financial year with a loss of 23.9 million euros, the largest since the year of its founding, 2009, as anticipated. The country. These losses would be motivated by “impairment” and the “result from disposals of financial instruments.”

This amount contrasts with the result of the previous year. Far from making losses, Piqué’s holding company then achieved a profit of eight million euros.

Despite recent losses, Kerad Holding closed its financial year with a net worth of 41 million euros, which ensures the group’s solvency.

Piqué and the Kings League

Through Kosmos, the former culé defender is one of the organizers of the Kings League, which has just won an Ondas Award for its broadcast on the Twitch channel of River Llanos. Shakira’s ex celebrated it this Wednesday through his social networks: “I have no words,” he wrote.

In the final stretch of his sporting career, the former Blaugrana footballer was already almost more focused on his business ventures than on his commitments on the playing fields. In November 2022, he finally announced his retirement from football, coinciding with a turbulent personal moment due to his separation from the Colombian singer just a few months earlier. Next to Clara Chiaa worker at her company Kosmos, quickly found excitement.