The 'other Llorente' of Cholo

LaLiga returns for Atlético on Sunday in San Mamés and it will do it with a striking novelty in Cholo eleven: Llorente's position. Anfield's hero, a natural midfielder, turned forward, as Costa's partner, at the top. Despite the fact that Morata, who lacks a physical point, will be on the bench. Argentine coach conditioned by the safe discharge of João Félix, sanction, and Correa, out of a muscle injury. It will not be the first time that a movement of pieces works well for Simeone. Able to get two footballers where he only has one. Or several, as in the case of Saúl.

Athletic Shield / Flag


It wasn't the Cholo who located him On the side but yes the coach that made him shine in that position. When Juanfran joined Atlético in 2011, he was a midfielder, far right. It was with Manzano, season 2011-12, when in a match against the subsidiary with Rennes on the horizon losses of Silvio and Perea forced the coach to innovate. And that innovation was to delay Juanfran. A position in which, with the arrival of Simeone in January 2012, that of Crevillent settled becoming a red and white legend. Key in your scheme, his rises in the band and his commendable sacrifice added to Atlético's prodigious decade.

Raúl García

Another key piece of that decade of success that Atlético has experienced since winning the Europa League with Quique in 2010. The movement of Llorente as striker it didn't take long in comparing himself with the figure of the Navarrese, saint and sign of the club, although since 2015, that is, for five seasons, its red and white colors are those of Athletic. In Osasuna he played behind the end, at Atlético before Cholo in the double pivot. It was the Argentine coach who managed to take advantage of all his claw, arrival, placing him in the band.

Lucas Hernández

Of natural central left, called to be the heir of Godin at Atlético, World champion was proclaimed with France as left back. He was converted to that position by the hand of Cholo, who in his squad I had Filipe Luis as the only left-back and, when the injuries came, the position was unguarded. Until Cholo moved Lucas there, where he grew up and settled as a footballer. His discharge, mediated last season, due to the knee injury, and because he already left for Bayern To recover with what would be his team since August, it was very difficult for the Argentine coach, who had in Lucas not only a side but a pair of central for the next decade with Giménez.


The great work of Cholo is the French player. Signed in the summer of 2014, he arrived at Atlético as an extreme, position in which he already shone in Real Sociedad. Upon arriving at the rojiblanco club, it was difficult for him to adapt not only physically (he always recognized that in the first preseason in San Rafael he was short of breath in training) but also so that Simeone expected of him. The Argentinean saw him as second point and there he located him. Three months later, the French exploded in San Mamés with a hat-trick. I was ready. For the next five seasons he was Atlético's top scorer, the savior with Oblak, the icon, a whole.