The opacity about Kate Middleton weakens the image of the House: when Kensington’s explanations fall short

How is Kate Middleton doing and why don’t we see a recent image of her, from her recovery. Why has her representative in Kensington been so sparse in words and has insisted on the statement that she already distributed when the Princess of Wales was hospitalized at The London Clinic? “We were very clear from the beginning,” sources from the Palace have indicated to Page Six. And they have referred to the note from January 17 when they reported that the princess would be “away until after Easter” and that they will provide “updates when they are significant.” And they have concluded with a resounding “This script stands.” Royal analyst An Wilson demands in Daily Mail “more clarity” to stop rumors about her health.

Speculation has not stopped since Kate was hospitalized in January for abdominal surgery. A rumor mill, especially on networks, that responds to the secrecy with which Kensington is managing this matter. The opacity doesn’t help. Quite the opposite, it fuels the rumors. It gives them wings. In this context, the analyst wonders if the reason for this secrecy is because Kate is feeling worse than the reports indicate. And she takes it a step further by throwing in this: “Is everything going well in the marriage?” Wilson focuses all of her analysis on the House’s communication. Palacio, with the brief information about him, the half-truths about him, feeds the rumor mill.

The speculation surrounding Kate, due to her disappearance from the public spotlight, clashes with the greater transparency around her father-in-law, Charles III, in his cancer treatment, whom we see smiling reading personal letters of encouragement on his networks. The health of the Windsors, specifically the head of the family, is of public interest. But so is Kate, wife of the future king, future queen consort and mother of the heir to the Throne.. That is why there is this urgency in the demand for information. To stop gossip and rumors. The analyst believes that this makes the institution vulnerable.

Kate Middleton enjoys enormous social sympathy. She has powerful people skills. The princess, 42, represents the new era of the English monarchy. She projects an impeccable and optimistic image of a woman committed to gender equality, inclusion, childhood and mental health in Shapping Us, a personal campaign in which he has poured all his energy and enthusiasm to emphasize the importance of positive education at an early age. People love her and want to see her. It’s that simple.