“The one who doubts Koke, bad; and Atleti in Lisbon will compete “

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid and fervent supporter of Atlético, has been this Friday at the Caja Mágica with the International Union of Peñas del Atlético de Madrid
, of which he is an honorary member. The mattress association has delivered to the regidor more than 20 tons of basic foods that the rojiblancos supporters have provided with their donations for the most disadvantaged in the capital.

And in an act in which mattress feeling was breathed, soccer in general and Atlético in particular have been matters to be addressed by the mayor, asked by the media present in the Caja Mágica.

The Calderón

“We are preparing symbolic acts with Atleti so that what will be Parque Atlético de Madrid has historical milestones.”

Final to 8 in Lisbon and a single match

“I think Atleti does well. Competing will compete. I'm not saying win, but compete for sure. Before Liverpool I told Butragueño that he was a little scared. And he said ‘don't be ugly, that you always compete’. And in Lisbon, a city that owes us one, it will be so safe ”.

Possible reception of the team fans on Saturday at the Metropolitano

“It seems to me that it is a way with which the athletic fans support their team. I tell those who go to respect the regulations, safety distance, masks, the most prudent thing is that there is no regrowth and for that we have to be aware. They have the right to go and if they do they respect the rules and it will be so. And then the team will thank him, beating Valladolid. ”

The win against Osasuna

“It was one of the games that I liked the most this year. It was played with intensity. Other times I say that we shot the first parts, and in the identity of this team is the intensity. In the first half hour Osasuna did not even approach the goal. They did not spin plays due to pressure from Atleti. And I want to say that the one who doubts Koke, bad, is our emblem, our flagship, he leaves everything, and in addition to quality, he is one of those who has the most commitment ”.

How will Barça-Atlético see

“Nervous for sure, I will see it on TV. I tend to watch these games alone. I get very nervous and I prefer to see him alone and not make the rest nervous ”.