The Ohio State Beavers formally declared the employment of Bill O’Brien; this impacts Brian Hartline and Corey Dennis.

The Ohio State Beavers formally declared the employment of Bill O’Brien; this impacts Brian Hartline and Corey Dennis.

Following Thursday evening reports, it is now official. Ohio State has appointed Bill O’Brien, the former head coach of the Houston Texans and Penn State, as the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Friday morning, Ryan Day made a hiring announcement for O’Brien.

Day stated in the press release announcing the hire, “I am ecstatic to further incorporate Bill O’Brien into our coaching crew.” He possesses an immense amount of success and a wealth of experience from his time in the NFL and at the collegiate level.

He is a highly accomplished and seasoned offensive coach with a distinguished track record of leading NFL and Power 5 schools and fostering the growth of some genuinely elite athletes. “He will serve as an outstanding instructor and candidate for our organization, and he further fortifies our staff.”

It is anticipated that O’Brien will succeed Day as the offensive playcaller for the Scarlet and Gray, a position he has held since arriving at Ohio State in 2017.

Day contemplated abandoning play calling during the previous offseason; however, he determined that his offensive staff lacked the appropriate candidate for the role following the departure of veteran coordinator Kevin Wilson to Tulsa.

O’Brien, who has over three decades of experience teaching offensive players and has served as offensive coordinator for both Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, is the individual he has found.

I’ve been interviewing numerous individuals for a story about the program’s sense of urgency. Additionally, this hire confirms what I have already been told: the Woody Hayes Sports Center embraces a win-now mentality.

Day is an effective play-caller. Certainly, he has a few flaws, but he performs well at his job. Coaches who have previously expressed a strong desire to retain play-calling duties do not relinquish the responsibility unless all other alternatives have been exhausted or they feel pressured to make a change.

Day sat next to Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz before the Cotton Bowl when he was questioned about his decision to forego playcalling. “A sign in our building reads, ‘Perform your assigned duties.'” Prioritize the team’s interests. I appreciate your role.

Remember the team first. “I, however, was not doing that,” stated Drinkwitz. “I failed to fully embrace my responsibilities as the head coach.” I was making an effort to maintain my ego as the play-caller.

Furthermore, it is my responsibility as the head coach to construct this team, delegate authority to others to carry out their responsibilities and foster genuine connections among our athletes—from coaches to players and from our squad to our institution and community—as well as between players and coaches.

Brian Hartline, who served as offensive coordinator the previous season, will maintain his positions as wide receivers coach and co-offensive coordinator.

According to Ohio State’s news release announcing O’Brien’s hire, Corey Dennis, who has coached the Buckeyes as quarterback for the previous four seasons, is expected to transition into a role that is yet to be determined with the program.

Matt Guerrieri, who succeeded Perry Eliano to be safety coach, is the other member of Ohio State’s 2024 coaching staff to be hired under O’Brien.

Following the dismissal of special teams supervisor Parker Fleming, Ohio State will likely fill one more coaching staff vacancy with a defensive assistant, most likely a second defensive line coach.

In 2012 and 2013, O’Brien oversaw Penn State to a 15-9 record as head coach, notwithstanding NCAA sanctions towards the program that encompassed a postseason ban and a reduction in scholarships for both campaigns.

After assuming that role in 2014, he guided the Houston Texans to four AFC South championships throughout six seasons before his dismissal in 2020.

Due to his extensive experience, O’Brien is expected to take on the role of “head coach for the offense,” similar to Jim Knowles’ oversight of the Ohio State defense.

Unlike Day, who called offensive plays during his first five years as head coach, he is expected to take on the responsibility of calling offensive plays. This would enable Day to assume the role of CEO.