The obscene gesture of Rubiales, with his hand between his legs, to celebrate the victory

The Women’s World Cup final got out of hand for Luis Rubiales. It got so out of hand that they caught him taking the very same ones to his testicles. This is seen in a video in which the president of the Spanish Football Federation celebrates Spain’s epic victory in Sydney against England with this macho gesture and does so in the box, along with Queen Letizia.

Rubiales is in the authorities area of ​​the Sydney stadium. She is accompanied by Doña Letizia, who is standing to her right; and Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA. At the moment when Spain is proclaimed the winner of the world, Rubiales raises his left arm in celebration. But his right hand is on the testicles.

A deplorable gesture that some tweeters have criticized as obscene and because it is completely out of place. This unfortunate detail that the networks point out joins the kiss that he planted on the mouth of the national team player Jenni Hermoso. A kiss that has raised a wave of criticism and that Rubiales himself justified in Cope as a “peak that two colleagues give each other.”