The notes of the day: Messi pardons Bartomeu | LaLiga Santander 2019



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Messi celebrates a goal against Eibar.
Alejandro Garca EFE

Outstanding: Messi

The tweet of ibar After the game expresses a general feeling. When Messi He has the day, there is no match. And probably there is no League. He had resisted the goal in his last 28 shots, a streak that could not last. Four entered the Basque team, showing an insulting superiority over the rivals. And the joy was even greater when Madrid lost in Valencia a few hours later. Maybe who else would celebrate Messi outside Bartomeu. His exhibition left in an anecdote the significant paolada he had received before the game.

Notable: Strap

When in the last days of the summer market it is said that Milan offered 40-50 million for Angel Strap, most athletic people rubbed their hands. A considerable amount for a player that is too irregular and will also enable the arrival of Valencian Rodrigo. Six months later, injured and questioned Morata, Diego Costa and Joao Felix, the Argentine has become the most regular player of the rojiblanca season. Before Villarreal, the team maintained the state of euphoria unleashed against Liverpool with another goal and an assist from him.

Approved: Cucho-Kubo

Throughout the season, at Majorca They have penalized their mistakes in both areas. Only the tip of Budimir keeps him alive. In the last matches, Vicente Moreno has accompanied him by Cucho Hernndez and Japons Kubo. Against Alavs, the team won with a goal from the Colombian. At Villamarn, they scored and attended both. 4 points of 6 and Mallorca dreams. Budimir is no longer alone.

Thriller: the Braithwaite case

The theme of the week had been the change of team of the dans, who had a good staging with Bara participating in two goals. The Legans He suffered the effects of his withdrawal immediately when he failed to score and end up losing against a team in inferiority for 70 minutes. Probably, this unfair loophole of the regulation will change even though it may be too late for the Madrid team. But the question is: did Bara really need it? Couldn't he have kept Carles Prez or Abel Ruiz on his roster once Luis Surez was injured? Couldn't he raise Rey Manaj from the subsidiary? Or I couldn't even throw away what I had until the end of the season?

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