The non-meeting of Juan Carlos I and Carlos III in London: nonsense from minute one

Don Juan Carlos’s strictly private agenda in London has been nonsense from minute one. Every movement of the 48 hours that he spent on British soil was adjusted to the structure “is planned” because, in the absence of official confirmations about his meeting with Carlos III, we were giving blind sticks. Now we have learned that the father of Felipe VI did not see the English monarch. he posts it The world citing sources from the British embassy in Madrid, as reported by the British Royal House. Or not. That they were not seen The food format (which was how it emerged from the monarch’s environment from the beginning) has been denied for days on ABC, Europa Press and EFE, which reported that Buckingham did not have that appointment. Later, we returned to the opposite version. Finally The world confirms today that because there was not, there was not even a meeting.

This supposed meeting between emeritus and monarch was always framed in the strictly private. And it has been preceded by that, by contradiction and uncertainty (yes and no and both at the same time). In fact, on Tuesday 18 TVE assured a meeting between the two, but did not specify what time. This no lunch (or no meeting) has been a communication error. Because no matter how strictly private it would have been – and even if it did not appear on the official agenda – non-confirmation contributes to misinformation.

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There are minutes left for the King Emeritus to land, on Wednesday the 19th, at the Peinador de Vigo airport and the media and social expectation has been replicated in Vigo, in Sanxenxo and in all of Spain. It is the same journalistic alert that we had last year.