The NFL’s Black Friday game on Amazon might alter Christmas buying.

The NFL’s Black Friday game on Amazon might alter Christmas buying.

The newsletter’s theme this week is “The Match that Matters.” We’re also a day early because tomorrow is most of us’s holiday, and we’re all hoping that the Detroit Lions will win.

In addition, we recently published a story on our trip to Utah to see what happens to a local sports network after it collapses.

Thursday Night Football and the NFL have been the focal points of Prime Video’s comprehensive sports strategy. Amazon committed to paying $1 billion annually to webcast these games in 2021.

However, there is one Thursday per season—Thanksgiving—when Amazon is unable to stream any games.

This is so because the games’ rights are owned by FOX, CBS, and NBC, three major traditional media outlets.

Not an issue. Amazon increased its pressure and paid the league approximately $100 million to push its TNF package past Black Friday.

The New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins game this year will coincide with Amazon Prime’s online shopping festival.

Jay Marine, the global head of sports at Prime Video, told reporters during a conference call, “We have a broadcast quality that I would argue is up there with anyone.” “The next step is to build on that and keep innovating.”

Executives at Prime Video aren’t ready to promise a ratings explosion for the first NFL game of Black Friday.

Their major goal is to establish a new yearly pop culture celebration the day following Thanksgiving.

“We’ll see how it goes, but we expect this to become an annual tradition, as does the NFL,” stated Jay Marine, vice president of Prime Video as well as global head of sports, in an interview with the media call.

The on-field battle between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets seemed far more attractive on paper when it was planned for last spring.

The Jets have experienced instability since rookie quarterback Aaron Rodgers was hurt on the first night of the season in September; as a result, the Dolphins are the clear favorite.

No matter how close Friday’s game ends up being, Amazon has a lot of ratings power in the second year of Thursday Night Football’s exclusive distribution on Prime Video.

The weekly game in 2023 is averaging 12.27 million viewers overall over 10 telecasts, a startling 26% increase over the average at the same period in the previous season.

When asked what kind of viewership he anticipated from Amazon, Marine stated he “wouldn’t want to speculate.”

There’s a fresh window. He went on, nevertheless, “We’re optimistic because folks are back home.

It should continue to grow every year. The start of “building a decade-plus-long franchise” comes this Friday, according to Marine, for both the league and the corporation.

According to Schroeder, Amazon’s total capabilities—which have grown as a result of years of technological investment and broadcast rights—”got us sufficiently at ease to take the decision” to participate on Black Friday.

After considering a number of start times, including prime time, the league decided on 3 p.m. to avoid conflicting with college and high school football on Friday nights and to secure a time when the majority of adults & school-age children are home.