The NFL will look into whether the Bengals hid Joe Burrow’s wrist injury.

The NFL will look into whether the Bengals hid Joe Burrow’s wrist injury.

Yes, the league is looking into how the team dealt with Joe Burrow’s wrist injury. First, it needs to be known if it was hurt before last night’s game.

A video that the Bengals shared and then deleted shows Burrow with a wrap in his right wrist while traveling for Baltimore on Wednesday. This makes sense. A NFL representative told PFT that they “will review the issue with the club.”

There was a video on social media which the Bengals later took down that showed Burrow coming away a bus before their 34–20 loss to the Ravens sporting what looked like a soft cast on his right hand.

Burrow said on Friday that he had on a compression sleeve over reasons that had nothing to do with the injury that ended his season.

That’s not the same thing at all, Burrow said. “Guys often wear compression sleeves in planes because things can get bigger at that altitude.” Everybody gets hurt when they play football. “This is a brand-new injury.”

An unnamed source told The AP that NFL officials often look into cases like this, but the review was not being talked about in public. If a team breaks the NFL’s injury report rules, they could get fined or loose a draft pick.

On Friday, Cincinnati coach Zac Taylor said that Burrow will require surgery to fix a torn ligament on his throwing wrist.

Taylor said he was unaware of what Burrow was throwing with on his hand as he got off the squad’s bus. The coach said that Burrow worked out hard all week and looks great during warm-ups before the game.

After throwing a touchdown pass of 4 yards to Joe Mixon, Burrow, who is 26 years old, left the game. The quarterback was practicing at the sidelines when the ball slipped into his hand. He was in a lot of pain. was the first to report that the Bengals (5-5) were being looked into. When he left, Burrow had completed 11 out of 17 passes, gaining 101 yards and a touchdown. He was replaced by backup quarterback Jake Browning, and the Bengals were behind 14–10.

Burrow has been in the NFL for four years and this has the second time he has been hurt in Week 11 that ends his season.

He hurt his left knee in a game toward Washington in 2020, during his debut as a player after being picked first overall in the draft. The ACL and MCL were torn.

Once again, the Bengals might get a few of those fines since Joe Burrow fled the game in the following quarter in a wrist injury. Burrow then looked angry as he went to the change room.

The Bengals deleted a social media video which showed Burrow landing in Baltimore on Wednesday with his hand and wrist wrapped up. Burrow also left the game after what looked such as a non-contact injury with his throwing hand or wrist, so it seems like a strange coincidence.

Guys often get hurt in Thursday nights because their bodies aren’t ready for a live NFL game just four days shortly after their last game.

The loss to Mark Andrews wasn’t one of those times, but the Ravens will suffer a lot because of it.

The All-Pro tight end hurt his ankle when Logan Wilson hit him from behind, which is likely going to end his season.

This one was a “hip-drop tackle,” a term that football fans have been using for about a year now.

The hit is wanted to be outlawed in the same way that the horse-collar tackle is. It’s easy to see why.

Later within the first half, Adrian Hill’s staff made a still worse mistake that no one could understand.

On first-and-20, Lamar Jackson threw it to Zay Flowers. Flowers had to spin around to try to catch Jackson’s pass because it was behind him.

Field judge Mearl Robinson saw the defense spin and thought he had hooked Flowers on the hip. Because of this, a flag was raised for throw interference, giving the Ravens 28 free yards as well as a first down.