The new video of Kate Middleton shopping with Prince William: much thinner

New images of the Princess of Wales two months after her abdominal surgery. The ‘disappearance’ of Kate Middleton due to a mysterious illness and his convalescence is causing rivers of ink to flow inside and outside the United Kingdom. Since she was discharged from the London Clinic on January 29, we have only seen her wife. William of England on three occasions: in a car with her mother, in a car with her husband and now, on an organic farm near her residence in Windsor.

The news of the new ‘sighting’ of the princess hit the media last Saturday but the images came to light late this Monday. Daily Mail y TMZ They have shared it through their social networks. It shows the Princes of Wales dressed casually, William in a cap and Kate in sportswear, strolling around a local organic farm. They chat and smile trying to go unnoticed. Witnesses claim that the princess was “healthy” and “happy” but it is evident that the surgery and convalescence have taken their toll on the princess, who is visibly thinner.

Kate is recovering at home Adelaide Cottagein Windsor, a charming home to which she moved with her family in 2022. It was on Saturday when the princess was seen in the morning playing with the little ones. “After all the rumors that were circulating, I was stunned to see them there”a witness reported to The Sun. Shortly after, another informant claimed that she had seen the princes, now without the children, shopping in that famous market to which they are regulars: “She was relaxed and happy.”

The countdown to Kate’s official comeback has begun. The statement from Buckingham Palace assured that she would not return before Easter and there are only 10 days left until the date. The Times claims that the Prince of Wales is determined to protect his family “and help his wife return to her commitments next month”, mentioning sources around him.