The new televised football arrives: virtual stands and sound and new camera shots for LaLiga

Final countdown for the resumption of football without an audience in the stands and LaLiga has announced some of the news that will be incorporated into the broadcast of the rest of the championship in Movistar + and that will be implemented by Mediapro with the help of several partners.

The spectator will be able to choose the ambient sound of the meetings, but they will also be able to follow them with virtual stands and audio, option developed with the aim that the action conserves the pull of the usual atmosphere of the meetings.

Stadiums will look like this in this mode with Seated life-size fans identified with the colors of the local club. When the game stops, the image of the audience can be transformed into a monochrome canvas that will incorporate institutional messages. The digitization of the harrow has been developed by the Norwegian company VIZRT.

In addition, the broadcasts will also have a virtual sound, which has been obtained in collaboration with EA SPORTS FIFA in the project called Sounds of the Stands (The sound of the stands). It is the result of the digital adaptation of the LaLiga audio resource library in real stadiums and that it will be implemented in real time.

This will be one of the match signals that will be reproduced on television and another with an ambient sound and original stand will be preserved at the same time.. LaLiga further communicates that each club will be able to install decorative elements such as t-shirts, photographs in the stands to decorate the stadium and that the audio that accompanies this image will be the ambient audio with the usual hymns or chants played by public address.

These two signals in parallel obtained approval on Wednesday in a meeting with those responsible for Spanish football.

Realization with new plans.

The conduct of matches will also change. There will be new camera shots due to the change of location towards positions where the vision of fans in the stands was previously affected.

The aerial camera will change its flight and the bench camera will move to the opposite tier using a telephoto lens. For reasons of health security, the changing room tunnel cameras will be robotic.

It is the new televised football that LaLiga proposes for the resumption of the championship with the umbrella of keeping the pull of the real environment in times of sport without an audience.