The new Galician society of Alavés begins to work

They are not scoring many goals yet, but one of the green shoots that Alavés exhibited against Valladolid is that the “new Galician society” albiazul begins to work. The irruption of Jot
Peleteiro in the game slime attack is very good news.

Thanks to that, Luke
Perez Y Joselu they are finding in him a new ally who offloads a large part of the offensive responsibility. They have not scored goals yet but, apparently in Pucela, this trio is going to give many joys to the Alava parish.

Although the meeting in Valladolid has many nuances -among other things, it is not the same to play against ten as against eleven-, the truth is that the one in Puebla de Caramiñal took an important step forward. Unlike his Albiazul debut against Elche, which he faced newcomer to Vitoria-Gasteiz and in which he went unnoticed, before those of Sergio
Garcia it was the perfect link between midfield and forward.

To the left

Alavés managed to neutralize the very offensive right-handed Pucelana band, with continuous rises from the side Janko start with help from Orellana Y Toni
town. In addition, he also knew how to exploit the opponent's defensive weakness in that lane.

Apparently in Pucela and against Athletic, the mixed system with a line of four behind when defending and with three centrals and two lanes when attacking is the one that best suits the team at this time. Ruben
DuarteThanks to his versatility, he is adapting perfectly to the double role of defensive full back with four behind and lane in attack. He is not precise right now in the centers to the area, but he pushes a lot from behind and, with his increases, he collaborates a lot with his teammates in the creation of plays.

His was, for example, the shipment that originated the penalty on Luke
Perez with the consequent expulsion of Nacho. This was the key play of the stake.

In attack, Paul
Machin found the rival waterway accumulating men on the left. Almost all the Albiazules plays started on that side. Except for the 0-2, in which Martin sent the death pass from the right, falls towards that band of Luke
Perez, the participation of Jot
Peleteiro and the support of Ruben
Duarte they unhinged the blanquivioletas.

Quality and unchecks

With Joselu more fixed in the area, Jot
Peleteiro Y Luke
Perez they were understood perfectly in the generation of plays. With their continuous mobility, intelligence in clearing and precision in their quick combinations, they managed to enter the area with ease.

The former Eibar already adds his first assist as an albiazul with the great pass back to Thomas
Pineapple in the action that gave rise to the 0-1. The most dangerous actions were born from his boots.

In 35, he put the pass that allowed Luke
Perez score a goal, which was finally annulled precisely for offside by Jot at the beginning of the action. In 66, he got another good center to Edgar
Mendez, which failed to finish well at the far post. In '69, he again assisted his partner on another of the clearest occasions, when He
And so what almost took from the goal line the shot of Luke
Perez, who had already surpassed Roberto in his desperate departure.

In addition, in the 84 minutes he was on the pitch, he was also in time to help defense to Ruben
Duarte. definitely, Jot
Peleteiro He wants, and can, contribute many things to the game of Albiazul attack. In Joselu Y Luke
Perez you will find two luxury allies to achieve it. The ‘new Galician society’ albiazul, with Puebla de Caramiñal as the third member, began to fuel in Valladolid.