The networks echo the alleged secret sister of Felipe VI: we collect the best memes

There is no talk of anything else this Thursday than the supposed fourth daughter that it got Don Juan Carlos, the result of an extramarital relationship “with an aristocrat slightly older than him.” As the journalists say in his book Javier del Olmo y David Fernandezthe young woman is called Alejandra.

Although the aforementioned journalists do not reveal the identity of the woman, the other data has made the rest of the media focus on Alejandra de Rojasborn of the marriage formed by Charo Palaciosthe former favorite model and muse of Elio Bernhayer who died in November 2016, and Eduardo de Rojas Ordonezthe fifth Count of Montarco, founder of the Falange together with Jose Antonio Primo de Riverawho passed away in 2005.

However, hours after the incessant information in this regard, the husband of Doña Sofía has denied said information in The world: “It is not true that I have a daughter.” In addition, sources from Alejandra’s family also assure Informalia that the aristocrat “is not the daughter of don Juan Carlos”, although they admit that “it is true that Charo had the king as one of her lovers and that she even boasted of it on occasions”, as we have already told exclusively.

In the middle of all this royal bomb, the jokes on this subject have not been long in coming and many have been the Internet users who have been in charge of making memes about it. Here’s a hilarious compilation.