The networks are scratched with Luis Miguel’s ex and applaud “the lady Paloma Cuevas”

Social networks never rest. In this media fight, Aracely Arámbula, the singer’s ex, has come out worse, whom they call “vulgar, envious” and “not very respectful.” Aracely is paying the bill for some words about the artist that were not liked at all: “If I came out of the cockroach king, you can come out of any boy.” The battle is still open among the fans and Paloma Cuevas comes out through the big door. To make matters worse, they claim that Luis Miguel’s ex has sued the Mexican for non-payment of child support and that this lawsuit dates back three months. This is what Univision says.

“Nothing like the lady Paloma Cuevas,” commented her followers, who do not forgive Aracely for talking like this about the father of her children, Miguel (16) and Daniel (14). From there, the haters have gone on to throw pearls at her like “vulgar” or “spiteful.”

As reported by Univisión, Aracely would have filed a lawsuit against Luis Miguel, supposedly, for non-payment of the alimony that corresponds to his minor children for maintenance. According to the TV network, which cites Mexican media, this lawsuit was filed in July.

On the other side of this story is love. The relationship between Paloma and Luis Miguel is consolidated. Although the artist asked her to marry him, she prefers to wait: “she is delighted and happy.” It is the sweetest moment for the Cordoba and the Sun of Mexico.