The National Signing Day 2023 map shows the ranks of college football recruits for the early signing period in 2024.

The National Signing Day 2023 map shows the ranks of college football recruits for the early signing period in 2024.

During the early signing period on Wednesday, high school seniors had their first chance to officially sign National Letters in Intent and lock up scholarships.

Because of the transfer portal and name, image, and likeness rights, National Signing Day has had a bit of a different feel over the years.

On Wednesday, most of the drama was caused by programs jostling for signatures and promises that were changed at the last minute.

To put it another way, the accelerated signing period is going to impact the Class of 2024 across the country in February, especially for some of the best teams in the country.

Many of the best talents from the senior class of 2024 have already signed with college football teams during the early signing period.

There was a lot of talk about No. 1 recruit Jeremiah Smith, whose was apparently interested in Florida State and Miami but had already committed to Ohio State.

During his ceremony, Smith stayed true to the Buckeyes, giving Ryan Day another important win at the wide receiver position.

Dylan Raiola changed his mind about going to Georgia and now wants to go to Nebraska. He will follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Cornhusker.

Georgia was able to get KJ Bolden, who is also from Buford, from Florida State, and in the process got rid of some ghosts.

Saturday is National Signing Day for college football. The early signing process began on Wednesday and goes through Friday.

People who want to go to college can sign national letters of interest, which commit them to those schools for at least a year.

It wasn’t as crazy leading up to signing day as it had been in the past, but there was still some chaos.

There will be no national signing morning for this cycle after Friday if a prospect does not sign a national letter for intent. The next one will be on February 7, 2024.

Five-star quarterback Dylan Raiola changed his mind and now plans to go to Nebraska instead of Georgia on Monday. A few more flips happened on Wednesday.

Georgia added five-star safety K.J. Bolden, who had been signed to Florida State for a long time, and Oregon added two wide receivers.

Two of the wide receivers had already named Ohio State as his college choice, and the other had chosen USC over the course of the summer.

Our 2024 school rankings put Georgia at the top, but there’s a few schools that are very close behind them. Most schools will lock down most of their class tomorrow, but the process of recruitment is not yet over.

Things seemed a little different near this time because of the transfer site, which has become very important since most college football teams’ seasons are over.

Thus, many players decide what they want to do before the December signing period. But it continued to be a time of long-term hiring goals, which showed how serious they were about their first promises.

When it came to the teams that were thought to be ahead during the early signing process, 2023 was a mix of the same and the different.

A lot of people now think the 5-star talent will join the Maryland Terrapins. Coach Prime would lose a lot because he promised to do this on December 7.

Seaton was Deion Sanders’s top choice for an offensive line prospect. That seems to have faded slightly on National Signing Day, except for how sure it was.

Seaton has been the center of a lot of trouble because Maryland is trying very hard to flip him.

There were a lot of high hopes that the Bulldogs would be the best team to sign early in 2023. Georgia came in second place in the country in 2022, just behind Alabama.

This year, the Crimson Tide are not nearly as far ahead as they were last year, but the Bulldogs are still in the running because they’ve kept up their success even though they almost made the playoffs for college football.

But things went wrong for Kirby Smart and his team when Dylan Raiola, a top quarterback prospect, switched from Uga to Nebraska just 48 hours before the official signing period started.

As the No. 1 CB and No. 3 overall prospect to the country, Ellis Robinson IV was also a possible flip that the Bulldogs sought to keep a tight grip on. They were able to do that when he signed his contract during NSD.

Even though the Crimson Tide weren’t as dominant as they were when they were thought to be college football’s powerhouse team, they were still expecting to do much better than just finish in the top few.

Nick Saban’s team earned a spot in the CFP at the last minute, defying predictions that they would miss the playoffs again.

They are currently ranked fourth. Recruiting classes also thought they would come in around fourth place.

Georgia was thought to be the best team, but FSU as well as Ohio State remain with a chance to beat them.

One player to keep an eye on for the Seminoles is five-star defensive lineman LJ McCray. Another is three-star secondary lineman D’Nas White.

Four five-star students from the same class signed with Ohio State: wide receiver Jeremiah Smith, who was rated the best player in his class, wide receiving Mylan Graham, along with edge rusher Eddrick Houston.

Luckily for the Buckeyes, getting Smith was the most significant development of the day. Smith said that he had to choose between Miami and Ohio State, but he chose Ohio State because they have a history of first-round picks.