The Nadal clan manages to tuck in the champion

In a staggered manner, some within the Roland Garros bubble and most outside of it, the Nadal clan has managed a complicated year due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic to tuck the reigning tournament champion into the climactic moments that can lead to his 13th tournament title.

On Wednesday September 23, Rafa arrived in Paris with his coach, Carlos Moyá, and his physio, Rafael Maymó. On Sunday 27, the tennis player's manager, Carlos Costa, joined the expedition. The next day, the press officer, Benito Pérez Barbadillo, arrived, along with Nadal's parents, Sebastián and Ana María, and his sister, Maribel. After they landed in the City of Light, the player's wife, Mery Perelló, and her mother, María Pascual. Another of the technicians entered the bubble, Francis Roig. The last member of the team to appear was Jordi Robert, who they call Tuts, who is the link between Nadal and Nike. Rafa's uncles, Toni, Miguel Ángel and Rafael are missing.

In the box reserved for Nadal at the Philippe Chatrier, where this year the world number two, the team and the family play all their matches they leave a seat of separation when sitting. Not everyone can always access the tournament complex, or training sessions, for example. But they already fully support the parties.