The mysterious movements of Ángel Cristo Jr. after the ‘darts’ to Bárbara Rey

Angel Cristo Jr. is the undisputed protagonist this week. After his long-awaited interview on the new program Friday!, Bárbara Rey’s son speaks out again. This time, on his social networks.

Unlike her sister Sofía, who dedicated an endearing photograph to the former star, Ángel Cristo has removed practically all photographs with her from her Instagram profile. Barbara Rey. He alone has left on his wall of memories an image with the artist from when he was little.

However, the one who does appear on his social networks is his current girlfriend, Ana Herminia. Just two days after his controversial television interview, Ángel Cristo Jr. boasts of his relationship this Sunday. “Feeling blue”, he pointed out, while he accompanied the romantic post with some photographs of both of them melting into a passionate kiss.

Far from relying on his family in these complicated days, the fundamental pillar for Bárbara Rey’s son is his girlfriend Ana. If we take a look, Ángel shared a selfie of the two on a spectacular terrace in Calpe last July. In the image, Ana wore a ring on her ring finger while Ángel reported that she had just gotten engaged.