The Müller-Lewandowski duo awaits Atlético in a state of grace

The duo formed by Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski waits in a state of grace for Wednesday's game in which the Bayern Munich will face the Atlético de Madrid, on the first day of the Champions League, in which the Bavarians defend the title they won last summer.

The last game of the Bundesliga was a sample of the moment in which the Bavarian duo is. Bayern beat Arminia Bielefeld 0-4, with two goals from Müller and two from Lewandowski, and three of the four goals were a co-production of the two scorers.

Lewandowski's scoring records have always been good. In fact, with 243 goals in 325 games he is the Bundesliga's third historical scorer -behind Gerd Müller Y Klaus Fischer– and an average of 0.75 goals per game.

In addition to this, in the last season he improved his usual scoring records. He was scorer in the Bundesliga with 34 goals in 31 games, he missed two through injury and in the Champions League, with 15 goals in 10 games.

In that season he has followed the same path and has already scored 7 goals in four Bundesliga games.

Lewandowski Not only does he top the scorers' table in the German tournament but, with five passes to goal, he also tops the assists classification.

Müller, for his part, this weekend he became the best assistant in the Bundesliga, since that classification began to be recorded in 1989, with 15 goals.

At the beginning of his career Müller excelled as a scorer. Later he became more of a passer but lately he has come back to see the door more frequently. In the four days played, Müller has 3 goals and assists.

Müller's mobility has been one of his main weapons from the beginning of his career. Müller runs almost all the time, moving from the center to both wings and constantly looking for the spaces that the opposing defense leaves free.

In Germany, Müller is often called the “Raumdeuter” (something like space decryptor).

Recently Lewandowski has added virtues similar to those of Müller to his customary scoring power; he moves almost as much as he does, he moves to the wings, comes down to pick up the ball when necessary and rotates positions with his teammates on the attack front.

Müller and Lewandowski usually start the forward pressure. The conductor in the recovery of the ball in the opposite half is usually Müller whose screams – due to the circumstances of the pandemic – are usually heard on television broadcasts.

In the bands, the two will have against Atlético the support of Serge Gnabry and Kingley Coman Leroy Sané is recovering its shape after an injury – and from behind the pair formed by Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich supplies them with balls.