The Most Popular Betting Apps 2022

There are many betting apps available in 2022. A simple check on the internet will bring up tons of options, leaving players confused about which one is the most popular. However, some have stood out since the turn of the year, gaining a cult-like following thanks to their excellent features. 

These platforms offer players the best markets, odds and punting experience that make every second of playing them worth it. To find these apps, in most cases, users will need to check review sites to find them,

Several review sites analyze the most popular sports betting apps to provide users with the most user-friendly platforms they can wager on. These review platforms also consider all the important metrics to ensure players get the best value. This piece will be offering the same service as it considers the four most popular apps for players in 2022.

Most Popular Sport Betting Apps


Bet365 is one of the oldest betting platforms globally and has been around the industry for 22 years. Bet365 has everything a veteran platform should have. It has the hype and, more importantly, the reputation to back its widespread acceptance. 

Bet365 has one of the biggest follower base globally that match its vast market odds. The app features football, Basketball, Volleyball, horse racing, NFL and all kind of virtual games that punters can imagine. 

Bet365 odds are competitive and considered among the best in the sports betting market. Accompanied with this unique advantage is their mobile adaptability, which has only improved over the years. While there are some old fashion features in the platform, it is commendable that its adaptation to modern trends has continued to grow. 


PlayUp is a top-rated betting app that has been making all the waves since it was launched in 2019. While it is still new, it is difficult to see how things could go wrong. The creators behind this app and platform are real experts in line with the 21st-century trend. 

PlayUp offers players market variety to incorporate all types of punters. If you are a football or horse racing fan, you will get more than enough events to bet on. There is no shortage of odds to bet on, and irrespective of the sport that players want to stake on, they will always have to find something for themselves,

In terms of features, PlayUp stands out amazingly well. Its platform is optimized for mobile devices, and navigation of the website option is easy. The customer support is excellent. Players can get live Chat assistance and other secondary support like Email and phone communication. 


Ladbrokes ranks among the most popular bet app in 2022. The app has everything a proper platform should comprise, including top Banking options and an unmatched mobile experience. Players enjoy a high graphic platform staking with their phones. There are multiple bet markets, so there is no problem regarding events to bet on.

Ladbrokes customer service is 24/7, so users can quickly contact customer support for any assistance they need. Ladbrokes has been around for a while and deserves this recognition in 2022.


BlueBet received its licensing in 2015 and has since established itself as a leading bet app. Its improvement has been noticed since the start of 2022. The market variation in this platform has grown and is more than enough for any punter. The good thing about BlueBet is the depth of its events for any market. Irrespective of the player choices, they will always find something playing on this platform.

This platform has a Livestreaming option that punters can enjoy for a fun time. The mobile experience for the platform is also very good, making staking more than just betting and having fun.


This article has considered the four most popular apps for sports betting in 2022. The good thing is that they are also among the best options for players, which is not a surprise. These apps meet all the metrics that ensure ultimate value for punters. These apps are well secured and keep user data confidential, so there is no need to worry. You can visit any of these sites now and start wagering.