The most difficult red carpet for Kate Middleton: the three keys to her 'body language' in the worst bump

Kate Middleton has resources. He knows how to handle himself in front of the cameras. He knows how to handle them, how to move and who to look at. His body language says it all. This Thursday the 30th, at the doors of the Albert Hall in London, the princess faced one of her most complicated poses. The theater became the country's stage for one night to offer the Royal Variety Performance. All the spotlights were pointed at her. The avalanche of nonsense poured into Endgamethe new book of Omid Scobiewriter friend of Meghan Markle, has hit the princess of Wales squarely. The shadow of racism hangs over Guillermo's wife, according to the new book. This is the sequence of her worst week and her most difficult red carpet. There was much applause when she arrived.

Kate Middleton's name has come to the media as one of the two royals who, supposedly, showed some concern about what the skin color of Archie, Harry and Meghan's son, would be like when the American actress was pregnant.

We knew that Charles III was behind those comments of racist bias, but we were unaware that there was a second royal. This episode is part of Scobie's book, considered a spokesperson for the Sussexes. The unusual way in which his name has been revealed is part of yet another absurdity. It was the British presenter Piers Morgan, who obtained a copy Endgame in Dutch version, who pronounced it. The author of the text relates that the American actress sent some letters to her father-in-law in which a royal appeared, whose identity is hidden in the British version. Wow, the names don't appear. However, in the Dutch translation, yes. An accidental discovery that fell into Morgan's hands. From there he jumped to the rest of the media, from The Guardian a The Times. By the way, the Dutch version has already been withdrawn from bookstores.

In the midst of the media maelstrom, Kate attended the great event at the Albert Hall in London. How did the princess face the cameras? It was a very complicated photocall for her and her husband, Guillermo. The princess handled the situation like this.

Kate Middleton used three tools to tackle her most complicated posing. First, eye contact. The princess got out of the car with her eyes pointed at the ground. She had an excuse: the steps. She also wore pumps with 10 centimeter heels. As soon as she had the opportunity, she looked at her husband and there she fixed her gaze. She looked for security, support and protection in Guillermo. Second, physical contact. She grabbed her husband's hand and didn't let go. This, holding the hand of your life partner, is a resource that Meghan Markle and Harry also use. They shake hands and communicate, they share nerves as if by osmosis. It is their way of being connected in a public event. And third, the smile. The daughter-in-law of Carlos III displayed her entire catalog of smiles. Kate wore a klein blue cape dress by Safiyaa. She was divine, charming, sweet and serene. She everything she wanted.

Princess week has also been Scobie's week because of the bombs he dropped in his book. Publish Daily Mail that the writer ignores the version that has reached Holland: “I've never submitted a book that has their names on it, so I can only speak about my side.” Another nonsense in this editorial promotion. In fact, the author has already been accused of being behind this strategy to sell more books.

And Carlos III, at the Climate Summit

Carlos III, also accused of this racist bias, received this editorial bombshell when he was at COP28, the World Climate Action Summit, in Abu Dhabi. “The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth (…) In 2050, our grandchildren will not ask us what we said, but will live with the consequences of what we did or did not do,” the monarch said on Friday, activist in his commitment to the environment.