The most Christmassy image of Frederick of Denmark: no sign of Mary Donaldson and her four children

There is barely a month left until the end of the year and the royal families show off their now traditional (and expected) Christmas poses. Behind the christmas of the princes of Wales and their children, where they show their family union, the royal family of Denmark has starred in a very disparate snapshot: Frederick of Denmark alone, without the company of his wife Mary Donaldson and his four children.

As illustrated in the image, which the Danish Royal House has published through its Instagram profile, Frederick poses alone while lighting the Advent wreath in one of the rooms of the Amalienborg Palace. Likewise, with a serious face while he lights the candles, Mary Donalson's husband wears a very Christmassy sweater.

The last time we saw the entire family was on December 4th. Also, for the Advent Calendar, the Danish Royal House published a video, where the princes with their children, Josephine y Vincent, they set up the Christmas tree. A message that suggests the union in the family after the controversial images of Federico de Denmark walking with Genoveva Casanova through the streets of Madrid.

Mary of Denmark's plan

With the family picture already in her pocket, Mary from Denmark traveled, with her children, to Australia (her native country). There she will spend the days leading up to Christmas, as well as some significant dates of these holidays.

For his part, the heir to the throne is expected to remain in Denmark to fulfill the commitments on the royal agenda. However, in a few weeks, Federico will travel to Australia to be with his family.