The most anticipated images of Ana Obregón with the girl in Miami: this is how she reacts when she feels observed

Every passing day is a new chapter in the case of Ana Garcia Obregon. This Friday night, the first moving images of the actress with the little girl have come to light Ana Sandra Lequio Obregóntaking a walk through Miami.

The presenter went for a walk this Thursday around two in the afternoon (Miami time) in the vicinity of the apartment where she meets the creature. She wore the same pink dress with which she was photographed days ago, on that occasion, without little Anita. In this new walk, that she has issued the Deluxe Exclusively, Obregón is accompanied by the nanny who these days helps her take care of the girl.

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the protagonist of Ana and the 7 she walks with complete peace of mind while they film her from behind. Once in front, she realizes that a paparazzi is recording her and, as they have pointed out in the program, her attitude changes. She cuddles with the little girl and then, with the help of her companion, she puts a blanket over the car. Maybe because of the Miami wind, or so they don’t record the face of her daughter-granddaughter.

The paparazzo who has obtained these images is a friend of Antonio Montero. The collaborator explained: “My friend got the impression that it was the first walk and he got the impression that the babysitter was indicating the area and showing him the place where it would be comfortable for the girl to walk.”

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Little Ana Lequio Obregón was born on March 20 in Miami, two days after her mother-grandmother’s 68th birthday. On March 22, the edition of Hola with Ana on the cover, in a wheelchair with the baby in her arms and leaving the hospital. Obregón, who resorted to surrogacy (illegal in Spain), used the frozen sperm of his deceased son, Aless Lequio, to, according to her, fulfill her last will. A week later, on March 29, a new issue of the greeting magazine came out with the protagonist presenting, exclusively, the creature to the world.