The moment Julio Iglesias breaks into ‘The Crown’: his connection with Lady Di, reality or fiction?

The sixth and final season of The Crownof which four chapters are already available, brings us the hardest moment that the British royal crown went through: the death of Lady Di on the Soul Bridge in Paris while riding in a car with her lover, the businessman and film producer Dodi Al-Fayed. Driver, Henri Paul, He also died on the spot. Trevor Rees-Jonesthe bodyguard, survived the impact.

Before this terrible scene, the Netflix series recreates Al Fayed’s supposed request to the princess. The Egyptian surprises Prince William and Harry’s mother before asking her to marry him by playing a song in the background: “He’s your favorite, Julio Iglesias.” In this way, our most international singer sneaks into a scene from one of the most watched and awarded series on the content platform. The song that Peter Morgar, the creator, and his team chose was When You Tell Me That You Love Mewhich the artist performed with Dolly Parton and went around the world.

Reality or fiction?

The series based on real and historical events also takes a series of creative licenses in favor of fiction. In this sense, it is unknown whether Dodi even asked her to marry him, although it is true that he bought her an engagement ring in the French capital, valued at more than 11,500 pounds with the inscription ‘Dis-Moi Oui’ (Tell me yes ).

Therefore, it is purely fictitious that Julio Iglesias sounded during the producer’s supposed proposal for the British princess. Furthermore, in fiction it is shown how Lady Di makes a strange face when the singer plays. Through this gesture, they imply that her lover had little knowledge of her musical tastes and personality. Finally, the princess ended up rejecting her request for an engagement. Then came the time of her accident.

The tragic scene, furthermore, was not filmed in Paris but in Barcelona. The Jardinets de Gràcia and the Francesc Macià square were the two points chosen by the production team to record the terrible moment, which marked a before and after for the British crown.

The relationship between both parties was dynamited after her separation in 1992 from the then Prince Charles and, especially, following the devastating interview that the princess gave in 1996 to the BBC talking about the ordeal she went through in the crown. Moments of tension and family disagreements are reflected in the series in detail. The cast of its last two seasons is headed by Imelda Staunton In the role of Isabel II, Dominic West in Carlos’s and Elizabeth Debicki in Diana’s. Lady Di’s last lover is played by Khalid Abdulla.