The millionaire inheritance of César Alierta: from his business empire to his house in Aravaca

Cesar Alierta He died last Wednesday at the age of 78 in Zaragoza. Lawyer and businessman, he was one of the most powerful men in the business sector in our country. He served as executive president of Telefónica SA between 2000 and 2016, when he left his position to enjoy a comfortable and much more relaxed life. He never seemed to have financial worries and, in fact, After his goodbye he leaves a great legacy.

The former director spent 16 years of his life married to Ana Cristina Placer, died in 2015. They had no children, so there are no forced heirs to distribute the accumulated assets. During his years as executive president of the telecommunications company, he received “75.5 million in accumulated salary, a pension of 54.2 million and shares in the operator valued at 45 million euros at the end of his term,” according to publications. The world.

In the last stage he became interested in feeding the company Acrispla Investments. His entire business structure revolved around this company, with which he participated in various hotel establishments owned by his family in Candanchú, as well as in foreign companies – among them, Ristur, from Uruguay – and in the control of 25 percent cent of Ibernieve. Furthermore, he had just over 13 percent of the SICAV Lierde.

On the other hand, the businessman He owned a large house in a residential area of ​​Aravaca. He lived in this place for a good part of his life with his wife, although he later established his life in Zaragoza. Nevertheless, Alierta also had several properties in Villanúa. Grandson of Cesáreo Alierta, a renowned businessman in the logging industry who ended up being mayor of the capital of Zaragoza, he spent a few years of his childhood in the Pyrenean municipality.

altruistic work

Alierta ensured the survival of Real Zaragoza in 2006 and, 12 years later, he was in charge of paying for the restoration of the Jaca cathedral organ. This last move cost him 300,000 euros.

His gestures were especially valued by his close environment, who knew him beyond his role as a businessman. “He helped everyone who needed it, whether they were family or not. Whether they were on your list of close people or not. But if you were one of the lucky ones on the list, their help went beyond what you needed. And without asking. Of course, without expecting any compensation,” Fernando's nephew wrote in The Aragon Newspaper.

“And in his last years, the project of providing digital education to children without resources focused all his love. And he spread so much love that he led 28 million children to have an education that can lead them to have a future,” he added about his commitment to digital education through the Telefónica Foundation.