The million-dollar loot from the robbery at the house of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio: from clothes worth 80,000 euros to watches worth 200,000

Sergio Ramos y Pilar Rubio They were victims of a robbery in their family home in Seville on September 20. Although both were not at home for work reasons, their four children and the caregiver were at home when the thieves entered the room of the soccer player and the presenter. Now, Ramos has reported to the police that more than 350,000 euros worth of jewelry, clothing and watches were stolen from him.

The former Real Madrid player has notified the police that the thieves who entered his house took clothes valued at 80,000 euros, as well as half a dozen gold pendants worth 10,000 euros and three rings worth 5,000 euros. Among the most valuable objects: three Patek Philippe brand watches valued at 200,000 euros. As reported this Thursday The world.

Likewise, according to Ramos’ story to the State Security Forces and Bodies, the thieves took from his property five Louis Vuitton bags valued at 20,000 euros and four suitcases of the same brand with a value of 25,000. In addition to these belongings, the Sevilla player reports that 15,000 euros, which he had in cash, disappeared.

According to the newspaper Nius, the thieves entered the house of the soccer player and the presenter through the roof of the property. “They jumped from one to another outside the house until they reached the terrace of the master bedroom and there, they forced entry from outside. They did not wander around the house or search in any room other than the one shared by the well-known couple,” revealed from the aforementioned newspaper.

The estate of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio

The farm is located in Bollullos de la Mitación, a municipality that is 20 minutes from the center of the Seville capital. A very special place for the two, since they celebrated their wedding there in 2019. The farm has 13,000 square meters, a paddle tennis court and a soccer field.