The mayor of Vigo accuses Mouriño of campaigning for the PP

The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, He has accused the president of Celta, Carlos Mouriño, on Friday of “electoral campaign” in favor of the president of the Xunta and candidate for re-election by the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Caballero has referred in this way to the statement released yesterday by the Celtic in which he described as “immense fudge” the reform of the Marker tier presented last week by the mayor, in addition to criticizing the breach of deadlines and the investment made in the reform of Balaidos. The interpretation made by the socialist councilor of this statement is that “Mr. Mouriño enters electoral campaign next to Mr. Feijóo“; something that, he said,” is not new. “

Shield / Celtic Flag

He recalled that on the eve of a general election, Celta “gave” its institutional headquarters on Prince Street “to Mr.-Pablo-Casado”, leader of the PP, “for a rally, something unprecedented”. As he has done on other occasions, he has not come to assess other issues that Celta raises about the reform of Balaidos, and in any case he has referred to a forthcoming appearance before the press of technicians to “explain the reality” of the project. The only thing he notes, he insisted, is that “Mr. Mouriño is campaigning with Mr. Feijóo“, and that the reform of the stadium” is exceptional and everyone knows it. “He has again criticized that the Xunta does not provide funding for this work and that the Celtic, “from the grandstand of the Grandstand”, in whose reform he paid “a minor part”, neither.

And also He has insisted on reproaching the president of the Xunta that “he wants to take Mos” to Celta and “make business premises” in this municipality that would mean “ruin” for “so many small and medium businesses.” Otherwise, He said that “in the interest of the city” is “open to dialogue” and that for him “there are no personal issues in this. I do not know if that happens to everyone”, has settled. When asked about other current political issues, he has refused to make any kind of statements because as mayor of Vigo “my party is my city” and he does not use, he said, to “talk about these issues” in the mayor's press room.