The man with whom the Infanta Cristina is seen is “a Pagafantas”

“He’s just a friend”, “a pagafantas” or “who holds his bag”. This is how the commentators describe the AR program the mature man who accompanies the infanta christina in his visits to Barcelona, ​​and of whom it has been said that he could be the new illusion of the sister of King Felipe VIafter being separated from her husband Iñaki Urdangarin for more than a year ago.

According to their information, the interturlios have defined the nature of the relationship between the infanta and the man who always accompanies her, together with a group of mutual friends, on their outings, especially at night through the city of Barcelona. when asking Joaquín Prat that define the word “mature”, the collaborator Cristina Tarrega has described him as a “veteran”, and Alessandro Lequio He has pointed out that he would be in an age range of “between 55 and 65” years.

Tárrega has confirmed that it would not be a new sentimental illusion of the daughter of the emeritus king, but “this is the typical friend who is very close to her in difficult times.”

The rest of the collaborators of the program have later asked if it would be a “friend without danger? With the right to touch?” Pablo Urdangarin as “the pagafantas”, in Lequio’s opinion, or “a friend who carries your bag”, according to the definition of Beatriz Cortázar.

Precisely, Cortazar recalled that the Infanta Cristina still carries the wedding ring in her hand at all times, for which reason she also joins the general opinion that the mature man, businessman and member of Catalan high society who accompanies her in Barcelona nights is just a friend: “I have confirmed through a direct thread with a source that Cristina is now with other illusions that are not having a relationship with a man.”

According to Lequio, “Cristina still considers herself married, she still has a friend in Iñaki, and it is absurd to talk about stable relationships or those with a future.”

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It has been precisely Alejandra PratJoaquín’s sister, who lives in Barcelona and moves in circles of high Catalan business society, who pointed out a few days ago that the princess has a new illusion, and has offered information about the mature man in question in the program Sonsoles Onegawhere she is a collaborator.

As they have recalled in the gathering of ARthe Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin are in the middle of a divorce process that will not materialize until next June when their youngest daughter, Irene Urdangarinreach the age of majority.