The Madrid sticker on the Camp Nou marker that accompanies Bartomeu



Apparently, the adhesive remains in the electronic of the Barça stadium from the classic past, in December

The shield of Real Madrid, just below Bartomeu.

A Real Madrid shield, in the form of a sticker, has been cast in the photographs in which the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Mara Bartomeu, appeared, as it was inserted in the electronic marker just below the president's seat.

In the prolegms of a Bara match at Camp Nou, it is common for photojournalists to release photos towards the box, but that of the match against Eibar was a designated day, since Barcelona is going through an institutional crisis, with Bartomeu under light bulbs, and its entry was followed with many interests by journalists.

The president, to whom sectors of the Camp Nou have requested the resignation, has been portrayed in all the photos in which he appears sitting in the box with the shield of Real Madrid, just below him and above the letters of the luminous that FC Barcelona puts.

The small shield already appears in the Barcelona-Real Madrid match last December, and according to the photographs that showed the box since the beginning of the clash, where the new president of the Community of Madrid debuted with authority, Isabel Daz Ayuso, the Madrid logo was already inserted.

Therefore, the Madrid shield will be inserted in the electronic of the Barcelona rostrum at least a little more than two months, without anyone in FC Barcelona noticing it.

This type of sabotage actions is not very common, but they are sounded, as when a Betis shield appeared on the cover of the Seville Fair dedicated to Sevilla FC.

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