The Madrid of miracles seeks the last in Paris

Paris is well worth a mass and winning a Champions League tomorrow in the French capital is well worth an effort to have maximum concentration. Real Madrid traveled yesterday to the city of light after the last training session in Valdebebas and did so to settle in their headquarters until the final, and chateau historic in Chantilly 41 kilometers of noisy Parisian urbanity. Ancelotti does not want fuss; tranquility, as he would say, is what he values ​​most…

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Shield/Flag Liverpool

The Italian delivered the final list for the órdago against Liverpool with the entire squad in full. It is not a ceremonial gesture or an award, unlike Klopp who has an eye on his sick bay, Carletto has all his troops, including Alaba and Bale. At the head of the extensive Madrid delegation, Florentino Pérez. The Whites’ president got on the plane first, with the smile of the big European events that put Real Madrid so much and being especially affectionate with Ancelotti and his talisman footballer, Benzema. A journey in which Modric was aware of Alaba, the last of the headlines to recover for the white cause in Paris, and with the Brazilian clan setting style in accessories. The striking sunglasses that Vinicius and Marcelo wore were highly commented, especially on social networks. A journey of barely an hour and 45 minutes to the Charles de Gaulle and from there, in two buses escorted by gendarmes (the bulk of the families and friends of the squad – each player received 50 tickets for the final – will arrive today) to avoid the infernal Parisian traffic collapses.

Florentino was affectionate with Benzema as he left the Madrid plane.

“Where is Mbappé!”

Once in Chantilly, nearly two hundred Madridistas gathered behind the ancient half-ruined arch that leads to the imposing castle. Modric and Benzema were the most acclaimed and even some “How can I not love you!” she resoundingly adorned the grounded foot of the whites. The anecdote was two passers-by, presumably PSG fans, who shouted a couple of furtive and fast (just in case) “Where is Mbappe? Where is Mbappe? before getting lost in the crowd. A finger in the white sore that did not happen to majors. It was the only slight alteration to that tranquility and peace in a stately hotel literally attached to a racetrack and flanked by duck-filled lakes. From postcard.

An idyllic setting that contrasts with that of Liverpool, who will stay from today in a four-star hotel in the central district of La Defense, and with the assault on the wallets of Madrid fans (and Liverpool) in the different areas of the center of Paris, where right now hotel occupancy is 88 percent (almost 20% more than usual at this time of year), with historical figures for hoteliers and prices for rooms in three-star accommodation that exceed one thousand euros per night. They’re on it too you resell themalthough the ticketing system for the final has been refined by UEFA to the point that tickets are nominal and can only be used in one app mobile phone that requires registration and must be shown at the gates of the Stade de France. Still, yesterday unmistakable movement could be seen around fans flocking to fan zones with banners requesting tickets for tomorrow.

New ball for the final and with a message

A match for which details are still being finalized, ranging from the color of the kits (there will be no marketing interventions, Madrid will wear white and Liverpool will wear their usual red passion) upon the arrival of the special match balls, for which Adidas has designed a lighter color and an allusion to the Russian invasion of Ukraine that altered the setting of the final by taking it from Saint Petersburg to Paris. The balls that will be used contain the message ‘Peace’ in English and Ukrainian.

The fans chanted Benzema’s name when Madrid arrived at their hotel in Chantilly.

Players will be able to taste it in today’s sessions. Liverpool, which acts as a local, will step on the Saint Denis stadium the first at 5:30 p.m. and Madrid will do so just two hours later, interspersed both sessions with the press appearances of Ancelotti, Klopp and two footballers from each squad .

Paris is the last journey on the train for a team, the madridista, who began with that comeback against PSG from Alaba’s chair, continued with the resurrection against Chelsea and Rodrygazo to Manchester City. And with Ancelotti, the protector of this group, in his fifth Champions League final. The Madrid of European miracles will look for the last one, this Saturday, when it is better.