The love nest of Mayor Almeida and Teresa Urquijo: the 100-meter step next to the Bernabéu

The home where the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and his wife, Teresa Urquijo, have settled, is located in the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán. This is the apartment in which the first mayor of Madrid lived as a bachelor. What is the newlyweds’ love nest like?

Almeida y Urquijo’s house is located next to Castellana, on Poeta Joan Maragall Street (formerly Capitán Haya). That is, very close to the Real Madrid stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu. According to publication The debateon this street in the capital, the square meter exceeds 4,300 euros per square meter.

Goodbye to the empty refrigerator and the black lemon

The mayor’s apartment is about 100 meters, it has a large kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. Super simple and almost minimalist decoration. Months ago, Almeida himself jokingly revealed that after getting married he would have to leave behind “some vices” such as having “that empty refrigerator, that of a bachelor on his way to 50.” And he launched a resounding “I’ll have to get my act together” into the microphones of the Telemadrid program. Madrid Direct. This gossip was corroborated by Inmaculada Sanz, of the PP on the Federico Jiménez Losantos program, who assured that in the councilor’s refrigerator there was nothing more than “and black lemon!”

About his brother-in-law, Juan Urquijo, and Irene Urdangarin

Just a few days ago, we saw Almeida and his wife returning from the honeymoon that took them to the Maldives and Bhutan. Tanned and with a very relaxed expression, they walked through the Madrid-Barajas airport. The newlyweds said “I do” on April 6 in the church of San Francisco de Borja in a very crowded ceremony, with the emeritus kings and the infantas among the guests, which left us with the super viral chotis of the mayor And his wife. He also left us the very first photo of Juan Urquijo, brother of Irene Urdangarin’s girlfriend and love, with whom he is related by family, both are Bourbon.

Regarding this surprising courtship between his brother-in-law, Juan, and Irene, the councilor has commented to the media: “The important thing is that everyone is happy.” She was at the Laureus Awards gala this Monday, April 22.